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04 August 2009 @ 11:01 pm
New Layout + Upcoming Stuff!  
New layout here at a_song_for! I quite like it and am quite happy with it. =D I liked the old one but wanted something new...and purple...apparently. XD

And I'll be working on more stuff here this week. Look forward to new posting formats (that's right, we're getting FANCY) and once we hit 100 members (only 8 more to go!) I'll open up a request-a-thon to celebrate. So look forward to that! =)

As you can tell from our last update, we are fully back now. After I got home from Japan our internet got cut pretty much but now it's back. And to celebrate the summer I am uploading all of Ayu's iconic summer singles, starting with H yesterday and moving forward. Hopefully we won't hit anymore snags because I really do enjoy uploading Ayu crap. XD And it is totally worth it, because even though there aren't many comments, MF tells me that there are still lots of dls even for stuff I would think would be farely available. Go team. <3

Have a good night and listen to something Ayu! =O
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