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A Song For...
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Ayumi Hamasaki media downloads, focusing on albums and singles with extensive reviews.

A Song For... is an Ayumi Hamasaki media download community. It features albums, singles, PVs, and other forms of media from the reigning Queen of Japanese Pop. Each entry comes with an extensive list of tags to help you find what you're looking for, as well as comprehensive reviews. We hope that you are able to enjoy the entries whether you are an Ayu-veteran or are looking to try her out for the very first time.


The rules for downloading are simple. Please comment when you can to give us an idea of what kinds of things you enjoy. Please participate in our polls so we can better serve you. Also, if an entry is tagged with "personal rip", please ask before reposting, although this is more out of courtesy than anything else. Also, you're supposed to delete these after 24 hours of downloading them. Yeah, we have to mention that. This community is friends only except for a couple of entries, which will always be available to the public. Also, the most recently posted entry will remain public until the next one is posted.


The community is ran by me, senshicalico. I started this community because I wanted a way to share my love for Ayu, who is my favorite artist and my personal celebrity idol. I fervently collect her discography and wanted a place to share my spoils with everyone else. My favorite Ayu song is evolution, and my favorite album is I am.... Overall I love her lyrics, her compositions, her arrangements, and the pure inspiration that goes into all of her works. I hope that this community will help others appreciate her songs as well!

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